New tube for the laser

I have to get a new tube for 100 watt laser. I was thinking about getting a Cloud Ray laser tube. Anyone have any experience on their tubes I have purchased parts but not a tubes from them. Or my other option is Reci w4 that is $655 vs $268 for the cr. We are engraving silicone don’t know if there’s any advantage over the more expensive one or just get the cloud Ray?! The old one had a crack on the lens.

The Reci are expensive for a reason, they are a quality product. If you are a business and do not want to worry about when you will need to replace the tube again, I would spring for the more expensive tube for peace of mind. Just my 2 cents.


I have a cloudray cr70 tube (60 watts) and very happy with it in my ebay laser. I would rather spend the extra money on a chiller than a reci tube.

Sometimes saving money on a cheaper product ends up being more expensive than buying a quality product.

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I have been going thru cheap tubes at a rate of one a year. I got fed up so I bought a reci. You can see the difference immediately in quality, I hope I will get more than a year from it, it does look like it is so much better made.

Thanks for the replies everyone. I ended up getting the Reci tube on Friday. And I’ll probably end up getting another tube tomorrow for another machine and buying one off of eBay again. This is the machine I was thinking of getting
We already have a Chinese blue and red machine a Full Spectrum two Universals and a Frankenstein machine that I put together. We were getting good results with the Chinese blue and red machines for a few weeks almost as good as the universal laser machines just not as fast but for some reason now I can’t can’t get them dialed in. They have a new supervisor over that department that likes to play with the settings and ever since you started I have had to replace lenses like crazy. Never replaced the lens until he started.

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