New version 0.9.11. What's the story?

I noticed a 0.9.11 version to download. What’s new? (v10 was just released a few days ago). Can’t find any info about this version.

I think it’s just a quick bugfix from 9.10. I couldn’t find a changelog though.

Program Files/LightBurn/ChangeLog.txt :slight_smile:

  • Frame speed issue fixed
  • Non-English language hotkeys fixed
  • Added a switch to disable ‘Remove out of bounds artwork’
  • Out of bounds groups will now have children that are in bounds included

Thx. I didn’t install v11 yet, so no updated changelog. :wink:

Odd, I even searched ‘9.11’ and it didn’t come up with anything relevant. Thought maybe I had the beta installed and didn’t want to say .11 was the latest if it wasn’t.

I can’t find “Z offset” in cut setting editor (I use Trocen controller


My best guess is it’s not a feature available to Trocen controllers yet.

Trocen controllers do not support Z moves at all during a job. They don’t even have the ability to set the Z to an absolute value from software - you can only jog the Z, one direction or the other, until the button is released. It’s a controller firmware limitation, not a LightBurn one.

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