Newbi with new neje master 7w

this is my first attempt at laser engraving and i know nothing. thru youtube heard about lightburn. hope lightburn will work with this unit. hope the learning curve isnt that steep ??? any comments welcomed, especially the neje master vs lightburn…
thank you

From their listing:

Software: NEJE Controller for windows, NEJE Controller for mac, GRBL Controller, NEJE Scanner for Android, (Support upgrade firmware by yourself and match more software)

The key for LightBurn compatibility is the controller and firmware used to drive a laser. We do support GRBL so you will need to tell us what version of GRBL and what the current settings are so we might help direct you.

I also just received the NEJE Master "7000mw " I would really like to use the Lightburn software.
Lightburn did find the laser. GRBL-M3 (1.1 or earlier)
Just above laser it says "Ready " yet I have no movement or other control. What am I missing?
When I plug the laser in to the USB port It shows up on COM 7 so the software sees something.
In the Console it says waiting for connection?

Welcome, I know there are others here that are having issues using LightBurn with their NEJE setups, including @LightBurn. Looks like their firmware is not really grbl. They have modified it for their systems and that causes issues for independent grbl software.

And with the virus issues, I suspect longer still. :frowning:

Searching the forum using the link below, I found some posts that may be of interest to you.

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