Newbie can't connect AWC608 at all. Please help

I have updated my dsp, installed and reinstalled Lightburn and am clueless. It “searches” for my dsp and just kinda blanks out. I can hit back or cancel but… I wanna go forward. I’ve searched and read all I can over and over… LaserCad works with it as I reinstalled it to make sure but I hate lasercad! Anybody have a clue? Thanks for any help

Cancel out of the automatic search and try just creating a Trocen device manually. 608’s are tricky because some older ones use the FTDI chip and some use the newer USB driver that the 708’s use. You might have to try ‘LibUSB’ or ‘Serial/USB’ as the connection type to find the one that works for yours.

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Thanks @LightBurn I’ve had absolute hell with this thing since 2015 so it’s gotta be an old one. I tried the ftdi chip because yes, impressively, ur right on…it’s old about outdated! I’ll try the other connections u mentioned. Also, I don’t use forums for anything but research typically but I’m seriously surprised and, again, impressed with the speed of ur response and the respectful, respectable answer. Thank you, I will let u know the good news soon.

As promised… Good news! Having gone through the ftdi website to get the right driver before in LaserCad, I knew thats how the computer communicate to my AWC608. (Thank you Patrick of for a great tutorial!) I decided to wipe my computer, start from scratch and have LaserCad nowhere to be found. I downloaded lightburn again, got the proper driver and put it in my Lightburn folder, connected to dsp and when I turned it on I quickly reset and formatted it. Unplugged from the comp and plugged back in (AFTER FOLLOWING PATRICKS STEPS ON DRIVER INSTALLATION). I now had a fresh dsp, manually entered the trocen device and ta-da! I could control the laser… Well I’m smashing the sides but the biggest hurdle is complete. Serial USB by the way. Thanks again guys, my hope is back. If u see my profile u may get why it’s such a big deal. I’m in the trial but would pay just to see it move without LaserCad is worth getting the license. Bravo @LightBurn… the software I’ve been waiting for!

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