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Hey guys complete newb here with laser engraving. I got a alfawise c30 for christmas and after playing with it for a little while, I wasn’t happy with the lasergrbl software they sent with it so I am trying out lightburn right now on the trial version. So far I love and have done quite a few test runs doing everything from trace drawings to actual drawings and some letter work.

So did all this but I am trying to accomplish the simplest thing. I’m working on a set of wooden coasters and putting different images on them. Is there a way that I can turn the laser on at low power at it’s starting point which is the origin so I can then align my wood to start the burn off? I just want to be able to put each piece so they all get burned in center and can’t figure out a good way to do this. Once I have one good I can trace it with a marker and I’m and put each piece afterwards in that spot.

Thanks for any help

Here is a better question, I want to attach the engraver to a piece of plywood to make it more sturdy, if I do this is there a easy way to engrave the actual grid in lightburn for the whole size of the engraver?

Not exactly, but it would be easy to draw a rectangle over the grid, and you could use the grid array tool to create lines every 10mm in both directions too. You can also use this tool:

Or these ones:

It’s worth noting that these require that your laser has zero set correctly, either with limit switches on power up, or by zeroing the position of the laser manually.

Thanks that helps a lot!


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