Newbie install issues onto iMac - laser maser 2

Hi! newbie here trying to setup the Ortur Laser master 2.

ive set up the laser which seems to power up fine but I can’t connect it to Lightburn, I’ve followed the manual steps but where it shows ‘devices’ I have no drop down to select the com port it just says (choose) as if its not recognised.

ive checked system information on my Mac and it shows the laser here so guess the USB works ok?, I have seen people having issues with 1.0.06 version of light burn and Macs, could this be the issue?

  • this is my first setup so cannot confirm the laser worked before but its brand new, I have literally just put it together out of the box.

I’m going to try om windows. also but can’t try this until next week and ideally wanted to use my Mac to operate

Try right-clicking on devices to force a reconnect. Or else start LightBurn after you’ve powered up the laser.

If these don’t work can you take a screenshot of the USB device information?

I’m unable to right click to show reboot?

Right-click won’t show reboot. When you right-click on Devices it will immediately force a reconnect attempt.

If that doesn’t work, click on Devices, then Ok. That should also force a reconnect.

What happens if you click the “(Choose)” pulldown? Do any ports show there?

If not, can you open a terminal and verify that there are serial devices configured for the Ortur?

ls /dev/tty.*
ls /dev/cu.*

For the Ortur from my recollection you’ll get something like cu.usbmodem###### where the # is replaced by a number.

Ah ok understood,
If I click devices and ok it still shows as disconnected

If I click the (choose) option it doesn’t load any drop down

Opening terminal and copying the above just returns “ no such file or directory “ ??

I’m going to try another Mac and a windows comp Tuesday when I can get access to them again to see if they connect

This sounds like the driver is not getting loaded. You should not need to install a driver for this controller but weirder things have happened.

Things may get a little involved at this point so let me know if you want to step away from this. I no longer daily drive a Mac so I’m also mostly working blind here. Hopefully someone keeps me honest here.

Check if drivers exist or potentially conflicting drivers. Run this in terminal. You’ll need to provide your credentials. Please capture the output:

sudo find /System/Library/Extensions/ /Library/Extensions/ -o -name osx-cp2102.kext -name osx-pl2303.kext -o -name osx-ch341.kext -o -name usbserial.kext -name usb.kext -o -name ProlificUsbSerial.kext -o -name ch34xsigned.kext

Can you see if any driver is loaded. Again in terminal:

sudo kextstat | grep usb

None of these things will fix your current issue. It’s more investigative.