Newbie needing help

Finished my assembly, didn’t do anything else besides throw some text on the screen and try a test burn on the wood provided. Anyone know why the letters would be doing this? X-Axis issue? There was nothing in the assembly videos that talked about how tight the belts should be, I think that might be the issue?

Side note, what does everyone use for material for laser bed?

When I push on my belts with a moderate force (2-3lbs I would guess) between the roller and the toothed pulley mounted on the motor I can get about 3-4mm of deflection. I find that I have no issues when they are that tight.

As for your issue… I’m guessing your laser is not focused very well. I would focus the laser, then turn the power down and try it again. It is very hard to exactly see what the laser is doing when it is over burned like that. It does look as though the letters are closer together on the burn then on the screen, but hard to say for sure. Also if you want to post your project file we can look at what cut settings you are using and that may be part of the issue.

The first thing to do after assembling the machine is to calibrate the motor steps of the x and y axes. Edit-Machine Settings-Calibrate Axis.
You have to cut a square. For example 200 * 200 mm. The laser will cut 150 * 230. You will indicate these values ​​as relevant. And then the system itself will calculate and make amendments.