Newbie needs some starter points

Just got my JTech 7w and Lightburn yesterday… What settings do I use for this type file? Thanks for any input…

trial and error my man, there’s just soooo many different setups and substrates. On hardwoods i’d start at 50% power and 45 mm/sec and go from there. With the 7w, running at 100% dramatically reduces the life of the diode

Thanks… I run Vcarve Pro and they have a bitmap key that I turn this into a vector path for CNC work…can you do something like that in LightBurn?

Have a look under ‘Tools’=>‘Trace Image’ (Alt-T).

Thank you…I will take a look

Thanks Rick…

Glad it is working out for you. With hand drawn images, I have found taking several traces at different settings can add nicely to the details and results. I place them on different layers to edit and remove duplicate or unwanted elements. Separate layering also allows me to apply different cut settings to each trace - adds details I enjoy. Combining all traces to a single layer is also an option.