Newbie Question with Top Wisdom controller

So I’m thinking about getting Light Burn on a good recommendation, but am not sure in where in the process it is used.

I currently do my work in CorelDraw 2017, then export it into AutoLaser for the inputting to the machine. So where would I use LightBurn?

Would it be used in place of Corel to go direct to the laser, or just in place of AutoLaser for more options before final input? While Corel is not always very intuitive, I already have it.

This will depend on what you create in Corel, how complex the art generation process is. LightBurn provides solid, but basic drawing tools that can provide many of the things you may need when creating your work.

We have many users that use LightBurn as the entire workflow tool. Artwork creation through cut setting and laser setting control can all be done without the “need” for another software tool.

Support for the TopWisdom support is still very much in beta, so please do not pay for it yet. Run the trial version to test out our current support provided. There is no difference between the paid version and the trial other than the time limit.

Here is a recent quote from Oz on where we currently are in the process of providing full TopWisdom support:

I saw that, and expected as much . Russ Sadler is singing your praises, but he also has a Ruida controller.

Will play with it when I get a chance but won’t be in a hurry. I’m still learning Corel so making the switch at this time would be counter productive.

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