Newbie questions Im afraid

Im a newbie to this and I have some questions. 1. When I press frame, it does its thing but no dot appears for me to check if its on target. 2. How do I focus my laser? I cant find a button to turn laser on. And lastly, how do I increase and reduce the laser power. Thanks in advance. Dave

When you ask a question Dave asking for help its a good idea to put at the bottom of your note the details of your laser machine, operating system, and any additional details and possibly some screenshots if needed, this helps you get support easier as we know what sort of machine you are having issues with and the os etc.

I know you have some info in yours as you have an Ortur but its better if you show it each time you basic details , its a pain for the people trying to support having to go look for it…

I found it out in a similar way to you a while ago when i failed to put it on and kept getting reminded…

hope you managed to sort your problem out.

I havent put mine on this as its a reply but I would normally just copy it across from the about me field in my settings where you can store your data about yourself and your lasers and computer etc

Laser power is adjusted in the cut settings:

If you’re that new though, you should start here:

Hi Neil, Thanks for the advice. Much appreciated. Dave

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Hi Oz, Thanks for replying. Yes, Im figuring it out now. Cheers

Hi Grant, Thanks for the info. It was useful and pointed me in the right direction. Cheers

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