Nice controller

im looking for some cheap controller, and i found WT-A3 from TOPWISDOM.

Is this compatible with lightburn? i see in the list it was in beta, someone know if its working now?

TopWisdom support is now “Officially Supported”. We announced this with the release of 9.10 back in March of last year:

TopWisdom controller support

It’s still in progress, but the majority of features are working and stable, so we’re calling TopWisdom support ‘official’. We still have to add rotary support and machine settings, but those are in progress and should be included in the next release.

tnx man. i will buy then

I haven’t tried the A3 yet, but the A1 works fine and I suspect the A3 will as well, or at least be really close. If any changes are necessary they should be minimal.

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Helo Oz, my controler has just delivered.

I can conect via usb/serial but cant conect by IP.

Network connection is not supported at this time.

thats sad =p

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