No power after upgrade to RDC6445G

I have just upgraded the TL-410c to a RDC6445G controller and whilst everything works the power output from the laser is minimal. Its creating an outline on the 2mm MDF but not cutting through even at full power. Its a 80w Black and Red and prior to the switch of controllers was not an issue. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

The diagrams show the original wiring numbers and the relative connections into the RDC6445.

First off, you have a 644XG, not a 6445G by the pictures.

What’s your mA reading? Have you checked the power settings in the controller to make sure they aren’t capped?

If it helps, I have a 6445G vendor file backup on my Google Mod Page.

Hi Dave, thanks for that, think the power setting was the problem so have increased it to 99% and now seems to be cutting. Much appreciate the help. Regards

Just make sure you don’t exceed your max mA unless you are testing. It’s a sure way to kill a laser tube.

Enjoy the Ruida controller. I made the same change about six months after I got my machine and never looked back.

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