No power gradient in laser

I have had the power settings on all ends of the scale for a photo grey scale burn with no success?? Even the other burn modes stay solid.
I have a k40 with a mini gerbil driver and using lightburn…the preview works great but the laser burns consistently solid??? please help?

Need a bit more from you to be able to offer help. You say “mini gerbil” but have not identified the firmware version. What profile are you using in LightBurn? What version of LightBurn?

Side note: You should update this.

Did you connect the PWM output of the controller to the proper control line of the K40 power supply?
Out of the box it is designed for manual(knob or panel buttons) to control the power. RTFM. :wink:
If not sure what I’m talking about, read up on the Cohesion3D board and how it is connected and how it controls the laser power and apply those to your controller board.

Thanks Rick, didn’t know it was there.

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no i didn’t. RTFM is right!

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