No rotary setup option

I have a 80-watt co2 with a topwisdom tl-a1 controller. I have tried to use a rotary with mixed results. between the plug inside the cut/etch chamber that isn’t plugged into anything, the hassle of plugging it into the y-axis control box, and the stepper motor moving so much the image wrapped all the way around the bottle and overlapped itself. doing a search on how to set up the laser for the rotary. I don’t have the same options listed. under laser tools, there is nothing for laser setup. I can find nothing about my controller being a Trocen. seems to be a brand. am I to conclude that if the setup option doesn’t show up means I have to figure out how to do it through the controller? all the posts I have seen where folks say they can not find the setup. They seem to be slammed with it is a trocen controller and they have to figure it out through the controller. since I can’t find any connection between my controller and the “trocen” am I to assume it’s a glitch in my lightburn OR lightburn isn’t able to configure it so it doesn’t give the option? if it is the last option. it would have been nice to read in the comments that in fact because lightburn isn’t able to set it up is why it won’t offer it as an option and I wouldn’t have to ask this long drawn-out question in hopes of not being slammed for its a trocen you have to do it through the controller.
screen shot 2.lbrn2 (165.1 KB)

Oz discusses TopWisdom rotary here:

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