Non-functional new Ortur laser master 3

I purchased an Ortur Laser Master 3 and am new to engraving. I followed the instructions exactly when assembling. Assembly was simple. Unfortunately, during the first start-up, when the laser should reach the home position smoothly, the entire drive oscillates in place and makes noise … no movement takes place. After about 30 seconds everything stops and the Ortur beeps loudly and the control flashes yellow. It gives me problem number 9 in the console. Because it’s Chinese New Year, the tech support is not online… Can anyone help? Unfortunately, I did not find a similar problem both here and elsewhere on the Internet … thank you very much

I did a Lightburn search for Alarm 9 and got 50+ results. I am sure your LM3 is not the only one that had this issue.

I suspect your machine is not set up properly. I did a search for Ortur Lasermaster setup and got 13 results.

Hopefully, these searches will get you up and running.

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