Not able to engrave / cut large objects since last Update of LightBurn

Hi I have updated LightBurn (LB) yesterday and after that I wanted to engrave something. So I connected as usual my Ruida engraver via USB to my macbook pro.

But when I did send the file to Ruida nothing happend when I did it second time the error was that the machine is bussy.

I have tested several options and found out that when I create a very small drawing to be engraved / cut everything is working. It starts engraving or cutting.

But when the object I want to engrave / cut is smaller like 2cm wide the engraving machine will do the job.

First I thought it is with my macOs so I updated it to Big Sur.
I have deleted Ruida from device in LB and added it again.
I have reseted the Ruida to factory settings. (entering the password and hit reset)

So now I do not have any idea how to fix it.

Connection: USB
MacOs Big Sur
LB version 0.9.23
Ruida 644XS

It all started with the LB update so I do not think its a problem of the engraving machine.
Any ideas how I can fix this?

Can you try one of the versions posted here?

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