Not cutting as good as it used to


Got my Ortur LM2Pro about 3 weeks ago, been running around a total of 10-15 hours since assembly.

My first cutout test was pretty much perfect a speed of 210 mm/s and 90% power, 3 passes on a 6mm plywood board.
Lately i’ve been getting severe burned edges when cutting and doing more passes, decided to run a new test, exact same type of wood and exact same settings. Results are as you can see in the images.
It doesn’t even cut through anymore with those settings. Even tried different focus lengths with no remarkable difference

I understand that this laser isn’t really meant for cutting, but this much of a difference on such short time doesn’t seem right to me.
Crossing fingers for help or solution

Have you cleaned your lens. I do mine each week. Different woods give off different amounts of crud which builds up.
I use denatured alcohol on a ctton bud.

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i have not but i will give it a shot, brand new to this so still a lot to learn :slight_smile:

That was definitely a big part in the issue, its not 100% as good as first but it very close, thank you very much, will from now on clean it every now and then :slight_smile: