Not cutting to pattern

Why is it not cutting out like its suppose to? If I cut it out by itself it cuts like it’s suppose to only when I cut the whole pattern out.

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Hi Tim,

Without knowing what you’re expecting to see, it’s hard to help you figure out what’s happening. Would you please add a picture of the tests that are cutting correctly? A screenshot of the Preview window might also be helpful.

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Needs to be the square not a triangle

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Ah! The Xtool G-Code triangle glitch rises from the grave:

I don’t know what the current status of that mess might be, but newer / better firmware seems appropriate.

Yes, this is a known issue along with a few others affecting the support for Xtool. We continue to test fixes targeted for the 1.7.00 beta. We have a select group assisting with these changes and the testing has been going well. Solution is on its way and should be available soon-ish™. :slight_smile: