Triangles instead of squares

Good morning everyone,
I recently purchased a new 20W XTOOL s1 laser engraver and I encountered a problem while testing the materials: instead of cutting squares, as per the preview, it cuts triangles

If this anomaly were limited to testing only it would not be a problem, unfortunately this also happens during project processing

I noticed that this anomaly occurs when the cut feature is after the fill feature.
If I do the cutting first and then the filling there are no problems

If it helps to better understand the cause I can send the .svg file
Thanks in advance for your help

This is a known issue. You can get caught up here:

Thank you for reaching out and reporting this.

This is a known issue. As of about a week ago, we have this in testing and we are attempting to confirm that it’s a unique quirk with the xTool Firmware. It may also involve other xTool models.

One of our Devs has the xTool S1 on his Desk and is in testing with it.

We’ll post more info as it comes to light.

Ok, thank you so much!! We look forward to updates Thanks again!! :wink:

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When you first connect LightBurn to your xTool S1, in the First few lines of text there’s a Firmware number. Please Scroll back in the Console window in LightBurn, Select and copy that text and paste it into a reply here.

It should look Similar or identical to the one the Dev just sent me.

[xTool S1:ver V40.32.007.2025.01 B6]

Please let me know, thanks.

My laser version is V40.32.007.2025.01 B6

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