xTool S1 - Project end with square cut, but a triangle is cut instead

Ok, im new too LightBurn. but I like it already.
I bought and Xtools S1 and used there software. It does an ok job
but for what I would love to do, its not suitable. So LightBurn is the best alternative I think. But I have one problem (for now) and couldn’t find the answer.

My project contains 3 layers.
a engraving lager, another engraving layer
en a cut layer that is a square in the software, but it constantly cuts it as a triangle ruining my project.

When turning of the other 2 layers that engrave, it actually does cut a square shape.

I looked in the software, I found cut optimisation settings.
I already tried remove overlapping lines, on.
I tried turning the whole thing off. but I can’t seem to figure it out.

mitsu.lbrn2 (1.2 MB)

and as you can see in the picture the triangle is also randomly cut.

Hope you people can help me. it’s probably something small :sweat_smile:

What does the Preview window show?

Perhaps you drew the square with four not-quite-joined lines, rather than using the Rectangle tool, so the separate lines behave differently than a single shape.

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I used the rectangle tool, I even used a tutorial to make the square using the tool.
the preview window? where do I find it?

This is likely either a configuration issue or a hardware issue.

How did you setup the device in LightBurn? Did you use the .lbdev file supplied by xTool?

Per the doc:

If the Preview shows the errant lines, then it’s a design problem.

If the Preview shows the design as you expect, then it’s probably a configuration or hardware problem.

I ran the provided file in the Preview Window and there were no diagonal cuts. Your image show 6 squares. Was that a different Lightburn file?

No I tried multiple times. That’s why you see more. Tried multiple settings. En redrawing the square.
The weird thing is that when I only burn the square it doesn’t make the diagonal cut.

I’ll ask again, how did you setup your device?

This is almost certainly a configuration or firmware/hardware issue.

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Sorry I celebrated Christmas yesterday (dutch thing 2 Christmas days)
I have used a configuration file provided by xtools on there website.

Hope you enjoyed the holidays.

In this case the issue is almost certainly a firmware issue. Have you updated to the latest firmware available on XCS?

Let’s test one thing though.

With the problem design loaded can you go to File->Save gcode, then save with .txt extension and upload the file here?

Also, are you having this issue with any other designs?

I did another test.
when ik disable or remove the 2 image layers. it cuts the square without a problem as
a perfect square. turning the image layers on, it cuts the triangle.
mitsu.txt (1.1 MB)

gcode included.

Before it cuts, it engraves beautifully. a night and day difference between xtool software and the
light burn software

There’s nothing in the g-code that would indicate a diagonal cut. This basically confirms that the machine is interpreting the g-code incorrectly. You can see this by importing the g-code back into LightBurn.

Perhaps as a temporary workaround run the image engraving and the cut in separate jobs.

Did you check to see if there was a firmware upgrade available in XCS?

No update yet, I will contact them. Till then I use the work around.
thanks for looking into it. well appreciated

Im having the same issue today. Not sure what or why this is happening. Cycled power off the S1 and reconnected LB and next cut were fine. I have latest firmware and LB software.

During the cut operation, is it the first or last cut that’s running diagonal?

This feels like it could be a communication issue but I would expect problems with the raster engrave in that case.

I have exactly the same issue. I created a ticket with LightBurn support, but no helpful answers yet.

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Perhaps because this is almost certainly a firmware issue on the controller. Have you also opened a ticket with xTool?

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it is the first cut after the second image layer. its supposed to make a square.
but instead it cuts diagonally, and then 2 straights making a triangle. before going back to home position.

When you first connect to the xTool S1 with LightBurn, you should be offered a firmware number from your xTool S1. It will appear in the Console window in LightBurn. Please select that firmware number right in the Console window copy it, and paste it into a reply here.

With LightBurn running, your file open and ready to send to the laser, click File then click Save GCode. Save that file somewhere convenient.

You should be able to drag and drop the file into the reply box to attach it.

Either it’s us, the lbdev file that was supplied by xTool, or something non-standard in the xTool S1.

I’ll withhold judgment for now…

OP has included g-code in post 11.

The issue is not the g-code from what I can see.

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