Not enough extend space

I’m trying to laser a picture and I have 100mm of extra space on each side of the bed for the laser head to move. I cannot figure our why it’s giving me the “not enough extend space” error after 10% of the picture is done. My bed is 700x530 and the picture I am doing is 570x300. I put the picture in the exact middle of the bed, so it has maximum room around all of the edges. Can anyone help?

How much overshoot do you get when engraving? What speed are you using, and what is the engraving acceleration setting in your machine?

I have tried various speeds, 100mm/s with 20 power, 220mm/s with 40 power, and 400mm/s with 60 power. (I even made the picture smaller, 525mm wide). Each time its gone about 5-10% of the picture, then I get the error message. How do I find what my engraving acceleration setting is or exactly what my overshoot is? Sorry, I’m new to this.

Go to Edit > Machine Settings, and then look in the section called ‘Engraving Parameters’ for the X Acceleration value.

the X acceleration value is 3000.000 mm/s^2

That’s quite low - try 5000, and if that’s not an issue, go to 6000.

I changed it and tried again and it still gave me the same not enough extend space issue. I tried turning it 90 degrees so it went up and down (only 300mm of the 500mm bed) and it still happened. However, I did see that it engraved a random line way off the picture. The line isn’t supposed to be there, and isn’t in the picture. When I zoom in on the program, I don’t see it. I’m sure this is what is causing it. How do I fix that?

Press Ctrl+A (select all), then press Ctrl+Shift+A (frame selection). That will show you everything in your project. You may have drawn a stray shape somewhere off the side of your graphic.

Well, that wasn’t it. I shrank my picture down really small and it lasered it way out of whack. Some parts of the picture were in their correct place, and some were shifted way below the picture, and some were above the picture. It was like a wave.

Here’s pictures. Its lasering normally, then I change out the wood and try it again, then its way outside of the picture and causing the error. I bought a new cord, thinking it was a communication problem, but that didn’t fix it.

Are you engraving along the Y axis? All the settings I had you recall for me were for the X, because that’s how these machines are designed to work. The Y axis has much more mass, and uses lower accelerations, so the overshoot will be quite a bit larger.

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