Not Responding Fjjfjj

I’m getting a “Not Responding” when I try to do a preview or when I hit start.

Can we have more detail? What machine, control, software version, what OS are you running? USB? Ethernet etc.

Can you post a screen shot of what you are seeing when you try to do a preview?

Windows 10 Acer chrome book. Just the normal widows message in ( ) beside LightBurn. (Not Responding)
I probably need to delete program and reinstall from what I’ve seen from other posts but looks like they have been giving other information in e-mails to other costumers. I bought the license so I’ll have to reenter that as well. Ugh!

Chromebooks are not officially supported by LightBurn.

Chrome OS is technically Linux but it’s often missing a lot of stuff you need to run LightBurn (since it’s a very stripped down Linux). We do have users that have worked through these issues and have LightBurn running successfully on their Chromebooks, but…not under Windows.

Well it’s OS is Windows 10, but probably still missing something. It was working (as far as I can tell. I’m still new so everything probably not working quite the way it’s supposed to. I wouldn’t know.). Suddenly, I started getting that message. So, is there something else I need to be doing?

You have successfully sent a job to the laser previously?

Yes. I have had success before.

I do not know what to offer. When I say the thought in my head, it sounds a bit rude, but I need to ask…what did you change? Not wanting to come off as a jerk here, but Chromebooks are not officially supported by LightBurn as I said. We do not have them around to test for this reason. We do not know what you did initially to get LightBurn to install, run, connect and produce what you experienced, so hard to identify how to help you get back to a place we have never been. :man_shrugging:

:+1::+1::+1::+1::+1: sorry this dumb thing wanted ten characters. Lol now I have more.

I have been thinking of getting another computer to run my laser. Idk, I see people running Windows 7. I’ve got windows 10.

Windows 7 has been end of life for almost 2 years. Please don’t do that. Windows 10 on a computer actually made to run windows 10 is your best bet. Chromebook hardware is often odd and running windows is a fairly new hack. I wouldn’t expect reliable results from it.

So, what happens with when you have grounding issues? I got a new computer, desk top, and had the same message come up. This time I just waited it out and it started to print, but I got a lot of garbage with my print.

Thank you for this update and new question, but it is not clear what you are asking and you have not provided us the previously requested information, so we are kind of at a standstill.

Your move… :wink:

(btw, using search, “ortur grounding” returned this: ORTUR LASER MASTER 2 - Service Notice - Grounding)

Ok here is the laptop’s system

And here is the desk top:

I’ll send a picture of the “Not Responding” screen and a picture of what printed in a bit.

Here is what I was trying to print.

This is what comes up when I hit start.

And this is what printed when I waited for it to start.

Lol, so now I’m printing something that I’ve printed before, and it’s doing fine.

It looks like you are using ‘inches per minute’ as your speed setting. Your speed setting would roughly equate to 6000 mm/minute, if I used that speed and ‘offset fill’ it would shake the hell out of my Ortur LM2. Try dialling down the speed to about 78 in/minute and see if that makes a difference. Worth a try at least.

Well, part of the problem was the frame. It was wanting to darken the whole thing in. I took it out after I got everything where I wanted and it is printing.

Lol, the little light turned on in my head. I told you I’m new to all of this. Thank You everyone!! I’ll send a pic in a bit.

This is. What it was supposed to do.

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