Not saving into library

Hello Im trying to save my work to the library using save as, export. when i try to look for a file in library its not there?? would you have a video or let me know how to do this ??

Thank You.

There are videos, found using google: LightBurn Material Library - Google Search

Additionally, we offer some documentation on the subject here: Material Library - LightBurn Software Documentation :slight_smile:

Are you still using LightBurn 0.9.16?

Art Library or Materials Library? I’m wondering if this is just a workflow hiccup.

I walked through your three step process and I’m not following.
File - Save as: Saves a LightBurn file. (.lbrn or .lbrn2)
File - Export: Exports a vector graphics file like some of the art files you find online. (.ai, .dxf or .svg)

If you are Exporting vector files into a file-folder and attempting to open a LightBurn file from this location the vector file will be hidden.

This may be worth review:

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