Numpad mask to control Ruida

It should, yes. Another user on a different thread purchased something similar and it appears to work fine. I have a wireless one on order to try it myself.

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As long as the application called HID Macros picks up on it as a keyboard, it should work :slight_smile:
You’ll have to redesign the drawing, of course, but you could take mine as a blueprint. It has some symbols etc. and a basic idea of the layout.

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If someone with an automated Z-bed makes this, I advice them to add a fail-safe cover or something over the Focus button. As we all know, autofocusing when the material is under the laser-head but not under the probe (or when then probe is temporarily taken out), we can really damage our machine.

what is a rubberband frame?

It’s a frame that isn’t a square, but follows the shape of a virtual rubber-band stretched around your project.


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I posted something over on the “suggestion” board on fider but it goes along with this topic. Thought I’d crosspost here and there just to link the two:

I’m building a HID based controller using an Arduino so it’s all pretty self contained. But still need the keyboard shortcuts for some things. It appears that there are keyboard shortcuts for things that aren’t documented. Might be nice to get a more complete list of keyboard shortcuts too.

Thanks for sharing your design, Jordgubb! Looks pretty great!

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On macOS you can add your own keyboard shortcuts per app in the Keyboard->Shortcuts pref panel until they do fix it. Otherwise AutoHotkey is pretty sweet for Windows machines.

Yeah i’m on Windows and used HID Macros, it’s probably comparable to AutoHotkey. The issue is/was that Lightburn itself needs (or needed, most are already added by now) to add keyboard shortcuts for specific Lightburn functions. You can’t create that on OS level.

Could you share you HID Macros scripts ?

Sure, here are the screenshots of the settings I used. (Use the ‘Scan’ button, then click the key on your keypad to assign a shortcut to that key.)

focus frame oframe start

Thnx, but i see that u are using the hotkeys of LightBurn. I was hoping on some mapping to the buttons that dont have shortkeys yet.

i will try it with autoit/autohothey then.

Yes, well i’m not sure if that’s possible, unless you simulate a mouseclick on a certain position but that’s quite dangerous :slight_smile:

Its a Qt5 Application, so it must be possible. When i have some samples i will share them.

Made some mapping and binds them to a HotKey

Function HotKey Action
Frame F6 This wil click on the Frame button, then it will center focus on the workfield so numpad wil work.
Soft Reset F7 This will Rightclick on the Devices button, then it will center focus on the workfield so numpad wil work.
Home F8 This will click on the Home button
Fire F9 This will click on the Move Tab, then it will click on the Fire button, then it will center focus on the workfield so numpad wil work.
Exit F10 This will quit the AutoIT tool

AutoIt compiled file:

Source Code / More info:

Needs to more testing, but works fine so far here.

ps. i notice that the after starting the script, the first hotkey that is pressed has some delay in it, after that is immidedly. Dont know yet what that is.

Tested on: XP and Win10 with LightBurn 0.9.13

Have an old ipad collecting dust: $3.00 and you’re golden.

You can make complete custom layouts to do any combination of keystrokes.

Not so fast…

Proceed with caution. Developer has not updated the app in over 7 years and the reviews are not so hot . iPads have evolved like crazy during the past 7 years.

The concept is good but one might be a little frustrated if it does not work as well as one would expect.

It’s $3. Worth the trial. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Saw your post and I am interested how you used ‘HID Macros’ to redefine the buttons, particularly the movement buttons for the axis.
Is it possible you could give me some help on this?

See a few posts up, I posted some screenshots from HID macros. The movement buttons (numbers on the numpad) don’t need mapping because depending on your numlock, they work as arrows. They don’t jog continuesly but rather in 1mm increments.