Odd acceleration issue on Ruida controller

Hi everyone. I’m hoping that someone can point me in the right direction. I’ve noticed this with a few files over the past little but and becoming more frequent.
I will run a file and the first shape of a fill operation will run at the expected speed. Once it moves to the next shape, the acceleration is considerably slower. I believe that I have it set to 10,000mm2 in the firmware for the X-axis. The areas that it slows in, it will show as a different colour on the Ruida display for the job image. The piece is not too close to the edge. I’ve taken a video of the issue and some pics of my settings to help.

Thank you for posting this, I have not seen this behavior reported nor have I seen this happen before. Troubleshooting steps…, I might check to see if you get similar results when using RDWorks to produce this job using the exact same settings. I would also drop back to LightBurn version 9.20 and reproduce the same file to run from that version to see if the results are different. These comparisons could yield indications as to what to check next. :slight_smile:

Hi Rick. Thanks for the suggestion. I managed to stumble my way through RDWorks and got a similar operation. (I’ve been spoiled and been using LightBurn since about day 2 of owning a laser.) That operation went fine with no slowdowns. After that I did exactly as you suggested and went back to v9.20. Low and behold the acceleration issue is gone.
Another thing I noticed about the issue was that the estimated times in the LightBurn preview we quite a bit off from the controllers estimated times and actual times. Now since downgrading, they are much more in line.
Strange issue but I’m glad To know that I didn’t break anything. I’m confident that this issue as we as others will be resolved in future updates. Is this or something similar a known issue?

An issue, yes. Known, that is a very different answer. :wink: What is clear, there is something different happening here. Would you please provide both files, the one that fails to execute as expected and the one that succeeds? I am going to hold up a flag. :raising_hand_man:

@LightBurn, what additional information might be helpful to gather?

Ruida 6445G - RDLC-V15.01.12
LightBurn 9.24 Windows

Did you stream this using Start, or did you Send this to and then run from the controller?

Hi Rick. Sorry for the delay but I got the files you requested. I’m also including the LightBurn file. The issue will happen regardless of running it from LightBurn or from the controller directly. When you get the controller itself to estimate times, the time is longer on the 924 version despite being the same on LightBurn.

IKEA Mat - test.lbrn (27.4 KB)
IKEA 920.txt (143.0 KB)
IKEA 924.txt (143.3 KB)
I changed the .rd extension on the two files to .txt so they’d be posted on here. Make sure you change them back to .rd ( I’m sure you already know this)

Let me know as I’d be curious to know what you find.


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