Odd behaviour of rotary, also not following conventions

I had a sidebar discussion with @jkwilborn and he suggested posting our notes as we are out of ideas and in the event someone else has the issues, they can benefit from my misery…lol

Issue 1) I’ve seen a couple videos and read some places that with the rotary unit I have, my steps/rotation does not match what many others seem to have (2800 st/rot). (EASIEST WAY TO SET UP A CO2 LASER ROTARY! ITS FOOL PROOF! - YouTube , Setting Up A Chinese Laser Rotary - YouTube. etc etc.)

  1. My gantry runs into the right side at the start when I hit frame and keeps trying to go that way until I hit the e-stop

  2. I’m still experiencing reversal of the frames - frame with the square box acts like frame rubber band and vice versa. I feel like all of these are connected somehow but I have no idea how.

Here is the discussion Jack and I had. If anyone has experienced this and has ideas, please let me know. Or if I can try something, I’d be more than willing. Thank you.

@Thelaserjacks With your permission I’ll gladly rethread your sidebar into this post.

Sounds good thank you!

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OK, so this just happened. I did both back to back, didn’t touch any settings, just did some framing (which once again is erratic in what is being framed - rubber band vs. square)

The first image is correct (properly spaced letters) and it was done after the other one.
The second image (bunched letters) was first.

I feel like it has to do with steps per rotation as I discussed above. 2550 seemed to work, but the accepted amount was 2800.

I didn’t check the rotary setup screen between each but I feel like I’m going to have to now.

I feel like there really isn’t anything I can do because I didn’t touch anything other than framing between engraves. Can someone advise, should I get Omtech involved at this point? Haven’t really had any issues (other than the framing reversing) with regular non-rotary projects.

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