Official Lightburn camera acting weird

I purchased the 8mp 75 deg camera. It works fine, except one very odd problem.

When I’m trying to align the camera (or even capture an overlay) it won’t capture the image unless there is movement on the camera. example…

I click update overlay. Nothing happens… can be 45 seconds later… if I move my hand near the lens, or move the lid for the laser, that’s the only time it decides to capture the image.

so that being said, I’m unable to do anything… Because I have to create motion on the lens for it to capture.

Here is this issue - lightburn camera no response unless there is motion. - YouTube

Very odd. any help?

edit to add: So I noticed if I disable auto exposure, and dim it down, it seems to work. so it’s related to firmware and auto exposure it seems… anyone else having this issue?

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