Offset fill is burning through at start point and a couple other points when trying to create a border

I am using a Laguna EX 150W Laser with a Ruida Controller when discussing this issue.

I would llike to insert a picture but unfortunately I threw away all my bad pieces in frustration before I thout about coming to this forum to ask. Not a bright move. In any event, I am making plaques with a border around them - they take considerably longer using fill vs. offset fill when I tried offset fill. Unfortunately, when using offset fill, the fill at the start point of the vector (I think it was the start point) and a couple other places seemed to be more powerful than other place and the laser would tend to burn through with a little hole where they overlapped. Is there a setting or setup process I need to use to ger a smooth offset fill? I will attach a picture of a plaque and point to the area I am talking about.

When using Offset Fill, the software runs the shapes in ‘Line’ mode, so you have to set your Min Power value as low as you can while still having the laser fire, so it reduces power when it slows for the start / stop positions of each loop. The laser will slow down for those, and there’s nothing that can be done to change it that I haven’t already done.

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