Offset Fill Jumps all over the place

Panel 5.lbrn2 (621.1 KB)

Continuing the discussion from Offset fill order?:
I am trying to use offset Fill because it is faster than normal fill and gives a more refined fill, it actually does what I want however it jumps all about the job not optimal at all.
Without jumping around the place I believe it could shave of an hour or so.
The reason for doing this is I can control the offset more or less and it gives more control, like from a point 1 verses point.2 offset is quite different, I also get a more defined edge. I would like it to Fill all shapes at once.
Also offset fill is not affected by deceleration and backlash, and better for the machine and belts.
I am making the fence panels engraving 6 boards at a time, so would really be beneficial.

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