Offset fill order?

When I engrave multiple parts using the Offset Fill option, the laser will move around the bed engraving small parts of the offset fill instead of completing one item then moving on. The fill shapes/groups options are greyed out.

That’s nice, dear.

Did you have a question or is this informational?

How do you make Offset Fill completely fill the shape before moving on?

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Hi, select the project in the cuts/layers and select ‘fill shapes individually’.

That’s normally what I would do but the options are greyed out…

so a question on top - what is offset fill, and why would one use it?

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There lies the answer, take it off offset fill you can then use the ‘fill shapes individually’.

It is well described in the documentation

If you’re using Offset Fill for something with lots of shapes, you probably shouldn’t be. It’s intended for simple things like large open frames, as an alternative to flood fill. What does the design look like?

These are logos made up of bold text with an contour being filled with the offset engrave spaced enough to give a cool effect. The logos repeat multiple times on a sheet. It would be nice to be able to finish one logo before moving 6 inches over to do each small section individually.

I’ll add a request to add support for the different fill groupings for Offset Fill.

Could you link the request here? Thanks!

I have no way of connecting you to our internal bug database, but I have linked the thread so I can post back here when it’s done.

I didn’t know you were talking about your internal bug database; I was thinking you were talking about the feature request side of the site. Thank you!

This is completed for the next release - I haven’t enabled the choosing of different types, but I’ve made “fill individually” the enforced setting because it’s faster and cleaner. There’s no real need to use “all at once” or grouping with an offset fill.


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