OLM2 S2 - Set-Up Help

Hi, I am new to all of this and didn’t realize I would have to understand so much to get started.

I have an Ortur Laser Master 2 S2.

After 2 days, I kind of got it working. I push the laser to the bottom left every time and have to reset the origin point with the x0 y0 command.

Right now there are a number of issues. Mainly:

  1. when I push MOVE right, the laser doesn’t move right, it moves right sometimes and them moves left, but the number says its continuing to go right.
  2. When I try and burn sample text, the text is all burned in one place, like it doesn’t realize it needs to move more to spread out the text
  3. it just seems to randomly bump into the walls and buzz loud and then stop, so it clearly doesn’t understand its workspace.
  4. It very often stops with the warning "shake or movement

I’ve sat and watched videos and played with settings the last couple of days and am completely lost. I did update to the latest firmware.The learning curve on this software is very steep and I can’t find any default recommended setting for my particular engraver, mostly the newer pro version.

Can anyone help? Thank you!

I saw something about getting settings, here are the current settings:















































































Any particular reason you disabled your homing?
In console type
press enter
Press enter

Home machine, then scroll up in console and copy/paste the whole contents here please?

if homing fails. you think you can move head to center, record the power up behaviour and upload maybe to youtube and share link?

Hello Gilaraujo! Thank you for the help!

Admittedly, I really don’t know anything about Lightburn. So, I apologize if I seem ignorant.

I believe I turned off Homing because it kept saying that it was not able to find sensor bounds and kept banging into the side. I made a video here:

And I couldn’t copy and paste the text from console so I took screen shots here:

Thank you!

ok problems in order
a) your wiring is for OLM2 Pro s2 not OLM2 so your X is inverted
b) your cables are also somehow having a bad contact notice how the bad noise comes an goes now and again?
c) Can you install your original wiring loom, dont worry on the extension yet

We need to address the mechanical issues first of all

Once the above is done, in console type

Press enter.
Machine will respond with MSG: rstoring default

One done, power off and power on again

P.S. your Y belts need a lot more tension

Wow! Well, that worked great. Engraving perfectly! Thank you so much! Plugged in the original harness and everything works perfect except I can only use half of the width of the extended bed. Any ideas on how to approach this, or did I just make a poor purchasing decision?

Contact your retailer and ask for an EK olm2 S2 harness only. That will.fix it

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