OmTech 60w laser controller issues

I have a 60 watt OmTech laser. It started acting all crazy for no reason. When i turn it on ot goes to the top left corner and vibrates for 3-4 seconds, then moves diagonally to the bottom right corner and never stops vibrating.
Right before my last good burn i noticed the framing was off scale. A 2x2" design was framing approximately 12 x 8". Something changed in the controller settings I am sure but I dont know how to fix it.
OmTech wants pics and videos and my original order # to even think about helping me.

Make sure rotary is disabled…. Also did you install new led lights recently

When the machine is powered on, press ‘esc’ until it stops trying to home, or whatever it’s doing.

Inside the electronics cabinet is the controller, it has an LED that indicates a hardware error. Is it illuminated?

I marked the label and then goes to the LED, which is hard to see in the shadows.

If you can get control, you can turn off homing, at least to trouble shoot.


Thank you for all your help. OmTech had ne reset default settings and now I think I am back to normal

That’s usually the last ditch effort. Many do that without a backup…

At least OMTech got you back up…

Good luck


If you’d be willing to share the restore default settings method it might help others that need to do the same. Thanks!

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