Omtech ruida alignment issue

I have seen a few posts that seem similar to my issue, but have not found a solution. When I am working with an array the first run will sty centered. During consecutive runs the burn will be progressively moved off center to the right.
Today I tried homing in between runs and got the same results.
Then I reset the controller in between runs and it worked perfectly.
Does anyone have a solution to this problem?
I suspect it is something to do with the controller

Sounds like that fixed it?

The home function only sends the head to the home position that the controller set on boot.

A reset is like a power cycle.

See if this is an issue. The name is odd but read through it on the rising and falling edges of the stepper pulse…

Good luck


No, that didn’t fix it. But it is a temporary solution. By reset that is what I meant. A power cycle.

Thanks for the info. I will check that out.

Is there a setting that when using the array function makes the laser head move incrementally after each run of the same array?

If I understand the question, I don’t know of any. Maybe you should explain what you are doing that requires this operation…

Probably be a reason to end this thread and start a new one with that question.

Take care


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