One computer will not communicate with Ruida


Have Lightburn 0.9.11 installed on two computers, both running Win10 with latest updates.
A desktop computer and a Microsoft Surface Pro 7.
The desktop has wired network, and has no issues with lightburn and my Ruida controller.
The Surface Pro 7 will not communicate with the Ruida in Lightburn.
I can ping the Ruida from a command prompt on both, and RDWorks can communicate with the Ruida from both computers, but lightburn will not communicate with Ruida fra Surface Pro.
Both computers is connected to the same network, Desktop wired, and Surface Pro via WiFi.
Where do I look for the error ?

Regards, Kim Bahnsen

When you say RDWorks will communicate from the Surface Pro, are you doing that with WIFI as well? There should be no difference - as long as you have the same network address plugged in on both, it should work. Worth noting that you can only communicate from one machine at a time - whichever was the first to connect to the laser. If you have both computers running LightBurn at the same time, the first will connect to the laser and lock out the 2nd.

Also check to make sure that LightBurn is allowed to use the network on the Surface - Windows has firewall and access protection systems that could be set not to allow it.

Thanks, Oz
It was the firewall that did the trick.
Strange, it only allowed Lightburn incoming, not outgoing.
Corrected that, and it seems to work now.

Regards, Kim

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