Only engraving for a min then just stops

I have a 15000 wt blue cnc laser engraver. Im not sure what happened. My machine now says busy for a few min before ready. Then only burns a min and just stops. I have windows 11 on laptop. Grbl. Lightburn is latest version. I was engraving fine then my machine went crazy. My laser head was moving up the rail instead of the middle of the bed where my wood was. Got that fixed but now this. Not sure how to post a pic of the consol and settings on here. Any help would be very appreciated. I also changed usb and cleaned everything.

Please elaborate on this - what exactly happened and how was it fixed? what caused it? What has transpired since it was working until it no longer works as intended ?

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When i 1st started having trouble my laser wasnt moving to the center of my work bed. Laser was just move up the rail. So i am not sure. Tbh i dont know what fixed that. I think a usb cord. But now it wont keep engraving. So it maybe in my settings.

ok - try doing another burn and post a screenshot of your console when it happens again - any errors will show up there.


This is when i first start a up. Shows busy for a few min before saying ready

Any clues how to get my settings right. My x and y keeps going to like 178 and 228. But my bed is 1600 mm

The long wait in the start is because it is trying to home, but does not find limitswitches - I assume your machine has none?

Go to menu Edit–>device settings
There will be an option for homing on startup - turn off that option, and see if that help on your startup process.

Next go to edit–>machine settings and set hard limits to false.

Try doing a job again with these settings.

Thank you. That took care of the busy signal. Only thing is my x and y pos keeps changing

Whenever you start LB it will consider the current position of the laser module as 0,0. Thats why you would home the machine on startup, if you had limit switches.

So before starting LB manually move the laser to your 0,0 and it should be fine from here.

Everything is working except it will engrave and consol says sream complete 16 seconds and stop. No warning or anything.