Only Framing half way and then stops

Hello, I have a 100 Watt Omtech and running MacOS Ventura 13.5.1 and ever since I started using this it will not frame …it will frame halfway and then quit. I am running lightburn 1.5.06 currently but I have done many updates and none of them have fixed this problem. when I run send to ruida it will frame correctly.

Is not anyone here who can help me?

What is the difference between those two frame actions?

Does the Frame button on the machine console behave correctly?

Have you deleted all the files from the Ruida’s internal memory?

Apple hardware is notorious for flaky USB connections.

If the machine is now connected by USB, switching to Ethernet will apparently go a long way toward resolving many problems.

Agreed. My early attempts with a usb connection to my Mac laptop were troublesome and I very quickly changed to a network cable following advice on here.
Having said that, I’m not sure what owners of newer Macs use, as they just have a couple of usb C type connectors and no rj45 network port.

yes I am using the usb connection how do I use the ethernet cable? I have my internet ethernet cable plugged into my modem which runs my computer for internet service how do I plug in both of them?

I use a desktop Mac and it only has one ethernet plug in?

it fames correctly when I send my file to Ruida controller but I rarely send them I just hit start in lightburn…I feel like sending all of my files to ruida controller takes up much of the memory so there is only like maybe 10 files on it so I do not feel like I need to erase the few I have in there

I have a 2017 Mac desktop it only has 1 port for Ethernet and I use that for my internet at my shop

Connect your machine to your hub/switch/router, whatever your hardware is and give it an address that works with your network.

This is a useful guide:

Can you connect the Mac to your router wirelessly, to give you a free port for the Ruida connection? Or do as Tim suggests and connect the Mac and the Ruida to the router.

lol you might as well be speaking French because I have no idea how to do that

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