Opinions on the LU2-10A(10W)for fine cuts on thin material

I use my ORTUR daily for cutting only. A paper thin black material. I currently have the LM2 Pro with the LU2-4 laser head.

I am looking to replace this unit and use existing as a backup. These are for my business so I need it to work and can’t be down for more than a day. So nothing wrong, it’s just a little worn, very dirty and I just want a new one.

I have had some problems with the laser shape and cutting in the past on these diode lasers. They tend to have a rectangle shape dot instead of a small point. Cutting can lead to a better cut in x than y due to the shape.

I see there is a 10 watt output laser for $100 more but on ORTUR site it doesn’t get into much detail about it being better for cutting or engraving. At $100 more I would want a significant speed improvement for my cuts. Thin material already cuts pretty fast but if I could decrease my job time by 25% it would be well worth it. Currently I cut at 25 speed and 90% power with the LU2-4. A job takes around 10-15 min.

I don’t think the LM3 is worth the cost for my application but I haven’t looked into it much. I’d rather have a direct swap out unit unless the LM3 had some huge advantage over the LM2

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