Option to not return home


I am running a job and am positioning text manually at different points on the piece. Is it possible to have the laserhead not to return home after a cut.

That way, I can move it to the next position which is a few cms away rather than having to bring it from home?


I think this will help you,

It depends on your controller type. For a gcode controller (grbl, smoothieware, etc) go to Edit > Device Settings, and uncheck “Return to finish Position”

DSP controllers like the Ruida will generally also return to the origin - either the global origin (where it homes to) or the user origin - So if you are cutting based on “User Origin” it will always return there.

Darkly Labs requested that the Emblaser 2 always return home, and we don’t give the option to set a different return point. If you use ‘Current Position’ mode, the laser will return to the starting location so the job is repeatable, but that’s it.

Ok. Thanks for the responses.

I used the “Set Finish Position” to move the home temporarily and that worked.


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