Orientation of rulers

So you’re asking me to rewrite a large chunk of how the software handles coordinate systems because you prefer loading your material on the left, as opposed to the right? Does that sum it up? Is there a reason it can’t simply be loaded to the right?

I’m just not seeing an issue large enough to warrant the amount of work and potential bugs I know this will create.

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Apologies Oz, and didn’t intent to cause a stir.
In my (simple and probably wrong) assumption was to be able to have the x scale/ruler drawn in reverse.
Everything else would be perfect as it is. I could see the object on the screen and easily see how wide it is against the ruler and use that to check my material size.

I’ll have another think on moving the limit switches. The left side is preferable as it’s the shortest distance to extract any smoke

Very much appreciate your most excellent software!

It wouldn’t be impossible to do, it’s just a decent amount of work and has the potential to create other problems, and I have to weigh that against the amount of benefit we get from doing the work, and how much benefit we simultaneously lose by not using that time to do something potentially more impactful.

It’s also worth noting that if I did alter the display, the numbers shown on the controller screen itself would no longer match what was shown in LightBurn, so if you ever use the coordinates on the controller display for anything and try to match them with the software, it wouldn’t work.

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