Ortur 15w disconnects mid-project

My Ortur LM2 15w will randomly disconnect from the pc and stop the project. I have to unplug and replug the usb to get it to reconnect and then it re-“homes” and stops the project. Sometimes this happens around the 20 minute mark, but on the last project it happened at the 1:12:16 mark.

Is there any command I can give to make it start back up where the connection was lost? or am I just screwed out of an hours worth of burning?

In the preview, scrub the slider to the point where it stopped and click ‘Start here’ on the bottom. That will run the job starting from that place.

The Ortur disconnection seems to be a grounding issue - IE, the laser has rubber belts moving over plastic wheels which causes static build up. When it discharges through the USB port, it kills the connection. If you ground the frame to something it seems to help.