Ortur 2 (20W) Slow Burn Time

I am still in a trial phase of using Lightburn and therefore brand new to it.

I have watched the setup videos plus additional user videos on youtube, but I am experiencing that the burn times are extremely long. Something that took only 6 minutes using the default program, is taking upwards of 4 hours using Lightburn.

Is there a setting that I need to adjust to correct this?

Edit: Here are the current settings for Laser GRBL and Lightburn. I am using Windows 10 and have updated Lightburn to 0.9.18.

Thank you in advance for your help.

It may help if you post the settings you have used in both programs?

Thank you…you are right! I just edited my post with some images and info.

If you double-click on the ‘Fill’ setting in LightBurn’s Cuts/Layers window, those are the settings that affect how the fill is done.

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