Ortur Day one problems

need help and advice.

just got my ortur LM 2 (20W).

Did a small test using a biohazard symbol in GRBL and it all seemed to work well (used the leather pre set just to be on the safe side).

Tried a hummingbird next but came out to dark. (due to bad editing of pic)

Decided to install and set up lightburn and give that a try, once i was done i tried a test bird again set at 300 dpi,3000mm/sec 50% power. Nothing came out, so i turned the power up to 90% and ran it again.

The burn was still not doing anything, about half way threw the burn the laser changed from blue to being super bright. From that point all it would do is burn.

So now just firing laser burns like as if its stuck @ 100% 24/7.

have tried turning power down in both lightburn and GRBL and tried just using “fire laser” to check focus and even that is burning what ever is under it.

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