Ortur firmware update killed laser

I installed firmware 1.4 for my Ortur Master 2, looked good but laser will not power on! I can get it back into firmware load condtion and laptop sees it but won’t power on. Anybody have any ideas?

I had similar probs when i updated firmware(all my own doing)
What i didn’t do.
1) i updated the wrong firmware for my machine.
2) i didn’t ‘unzip’ ‘extract’ it properly.
3) i didn’t turn off my windows security when i updated it.
4)i forgot to use ‘find my laser’ in the ‘devices’ window. and used the
existing one which was showing.
Hopefully this helps.
Would like to think i have learnt my lesson(remains to be seen) :grin:

Thanks, I’m pretty sure I checked all those boxes. When you say find my laser, I assume you are talking about in Lightburn. It won’t power on so Lightburn won’t see it. I’ll try again maybe it did not unzip correctly.

Sorry thought you meant it was coming on but not firing. :thinking:

Usually this tends to happen when something in your computer is preenting the propper bin file to be saved into the flash.
Usually, 3rd party antivirus or similar

Also, not unzipping the files propperlly. By this i dont mean mount the zip file on windows explorer, but actually unzipping

If you do have troubles, send me a private message to Redirecting...
We can book a remote session and fix it
Somehow sending the.bin file via remote session software seems to bypass the write fails.

I’m now doubting wither the file was unzipped correctly. I opened it with windows 10 and the “zipper” went away and I assumed that meant it unzipped. Maybe not, I’ll try gain this evening and let you know. Thanks

Extracted file vice unzipped, all works now.Thanks

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