Ortur Laser 2 ALARM 8 Homing fail

Ok, I’ll preface this to say I am a newbie to this & just installed this today. I have already checked that the USB is correctly into my computer & the power adapter is working (in an outlet that works & has a green light on). It is properly set for home/origin to be in Bottom Left.

When I start it up the connection it goes all the way to the bottom left but starts to hit the board & rattles the Y-axis.
I looked through these & saw everybody say check the wiring, but it has to be good or else it means I was sent defective cables.

“ALARM:8 ; Homing fail. Cycle failed to clear limit switch when pulling off. Try increasing pull-off setting or check wiring.”
Where can I adjust the “pull-off setting” to see if this is the issue?

It seems like it doesn’t register when to stop at the Y axis.

There aren’t great directions of this thing & also the light on the board is flashing blue then purple. I don’t know if this means it is working properly or not.

Ok, so it appeared that the red & white cords that came pre-assembled were in the wrong ports on the thing to the left of the origin. All good & got it to work.
I really miss my laser engraver at my job site that had the built in cover. I may need to get a table for my back room instead of it being in the open. VERY BRIGHT laser when no cover is used to cover it up.

I have the same issue and it only started today after LightBurn upgrade 0.9.20.

So, how do you adjust to “increasing pull-off setting”?

I might suggest this is another issue worth reaching out to Ortur directly to help resolve. The “Homing pull-off” is defined in the Grbl firmware settings for your Ortur. They will be the best able to tell you what you want that set to for proper operation.

You can read about Grbl here:

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