Ortur Laser Framing and Burning 10% bigger than desired design


Really struggling to find a solution to a framing / laser burn issue that has only just happened after using the Ortur Rotary device.

I plugged everything back like normal, had to reset the controller as the laser position tool would not work (used $22=43) but this time it was different.

I put my design in to light burn as normal. I aligned the product edge to edge using the laser position tool and it was bang on. Laser engraved the item but it over lapped over the top ledge.

Went back and triple checked my design and my positioning. This time I framed the item to check but it seem the frame was longer on the Y axis.

Checked the software (lightburn is 1.2.04) and the updated to the newest driver (Ortur 1.9) for my laser. Same thing happening.

It seems the Y axis on the framing and laser seems to be increased by 10%. Tested this with a box 100 x 100mm the frame was framing at 100 wide by 110 high. Yet when I was using the locator tool on the software when I clicked on 100mm on the Y access it was going to the correct spot.

I am hoping this is an easy fix I have missed in the setting on the controller when switching from the rotary.

Can you run these commands in Console and return results:


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