Ortur Laser Is burning squares instead of designs

So I have an Ortur Laser Master 2 20w, I’m using a Macbook Pro, I’m not sure what version of LightBurn I’m using but I installed it a few days ago (I think V0.9.20), I got the G code one. It was working well but then yesterday it stopped halfway through a project, I thought it got unplugged. But it didn’t. now the laser Fire Button always seems to be shooting at 100% even though it says .25%. And I tried to engrave something but now it just burns a black box! I don’t know what to do, someone help, please!




































The settings aren’t wrong as far as I can tell. It’s possible that you have a dead laser module. @OrturTech - can you provide some way of verifying this?

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What would I need to do??

I’m not sure, which is why I asked @OrturTech to check in. He should be able to at least diagnose whether that’s the issue or not.

Ohh ok got it!

This is a complex one, i dont often come here as i should
Could you pop a ticket on ortur.tech/support
But for reference what i will ask is
a) own a multimeter?
b) if so can you read the output into the laser head (black /white cable) voltage without power connected, just USB and motherboard ON?

I’m new to the laser thing, so idk what a multimeter is but I’m assuming I don’t.

Is this info good enough??


I am getting help but maybe I could get a second opinion on what to do next? They haven’t answered yet and I’m trying to solve this issue fast because I had plans to do some work for a few people on the weekend. Thank you!