Ortur Laser Master 15W Desktop Laser

when over half way through a detailed project on tile the x axis starts to barley move messes up the project

I just got the laser 3 days ago the software is up to date

Thats a strange problem
Almost sounds like at some point cables are getting caught or something isnt plugged all the way in and the motor isnt recieving corret instructions/Voltages

Can you double check connections for looseness?

all the cables were plugged in and not getting caught but then it stopped turning on I’m in contact with the seller now thanks for your help

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Let me know please if you need any further help ortur.tech/support is our ticketing system.

so they told me to send them a video well at this point the laser no longer turns of and I told them that so I send them a video and they finally get back to me saying contact an over seas engineer its a video setting??? yeah maybe when it was working but it no longer powers on I cant upload the video on here cause its a mp4

all it does is flash colors then doesn’t turn on and the green led on the power plug just sits there and flashes. At this point I asked them for a refund cause I don’t have the time for this back and fourth every 24 hours

What email did you use to get in touch with ortur?


I’ve actually been dealing with gearbest cause I bought it from there site

I see, well gearbest is a retailer.
Ortur has its own support.
I cant seem to find a ticket with your email address

For reference our support ticketing system is: https://ortur.tech/support/

T20092700100 that’s the ticket number but I’ve been dealing with gearbest so you wont find me in your system I’m guessing

Sadly yes thats Internal Gearbest ticketing
We dont have access. If they dont give you satisfactory solution - because it would become a 5 way conversation if we get in the way - you could just register at our support at least i could follow up with you
I would try to do it here but odds are i dont come here often enough to give a prompt reply.


alright I’ll see what they say next and get back with you. I ended up buying the Ortur master laser 2 just for a bigger working area but still like the small one I’ll register on your support if I run into any issues with that one thanks again

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well I am now going to deal with you all they wont refund me

Ticket Recieved
Just handling a couple things that do require my imediate attention but will answer asap


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