Ortur Laser Master 2 15W - Engraving Metal V2A

Hey Guys, i’m trying to engrave on a V2A Metal piece.

I tried different settings and different methods, multiple passes without success.

I marked the Metal piece with different black markers, I even tried mustard (seen that in different videos).

The slowed used settting was 50mm/min 100% Pwr with 6 Passes.

All I got was this:

But after using desinfective spray the blacked part was gone. The Metal seems to be untouched.


Yes my laser is in focus, everything is fine.

@LightBurn maybe you got an idea?

The only thing you can do is to bond a coating to the metal. You can’t touch it, as an ablatable surface.

Mustard? Try molybdenum disulphide spray (moly spray). Give it a light pass, let it dry, give it another pass, let it dry, run a bunch of speed tests and clean off with alcohol, or similar.

Moly spray is the most affordable to play with. If you get great at it and you can turn a buck, buy a proper laser spray.

The 3D print creator channel on YouTube, one of his videos he spreads mustard on a pair of scissors and engraves his name on the metal.
I did read in the comments section he said that a certain brand he uses works better than others.

CRC’s Dry Moly will cost $10USD, leaves a very uniform surface, dries quickly, makes a great bonded image that won’t come off, and lasts a long time. Of course, if you also want to make Bolonga sandwiches…

I should also add that the unexposed Dry Moly cleans off easier than dried on mustard.

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