Ortur Laser Master 2 15w replaced with 30w Neje Laser Module

Hello Lightburners, I have a LM2 15w and I bought Neje 30w laser module. The kit that I bought didn’t have a power adapter. I read in the installation guide and it seems that Neje 30w need the same power with my previous laser 15w (12V 3A) but I think that my new laser has the same power with my previous laser. Can you help me please? Thanks for your attention.

I have not made this replacement, but I think you are being confused by the term ‘laser’ here. The Ortur LM2 15W SYSTEM uses a 3A power supply - this includes both the 15W module and the stepper motors, etc.

The NEJE Laser MODULE requires 12V/3A just for the module to run at 100% power. You still need additional power to run your Ortur LM2 System (stepper motors, processor, etc). The power adapter is necessary so that your SYSTEM can control the higher power MODULE without burning up. And you will need two power supplies to run at full power on the 30W Module. Your original power supply will run the Ortur SYSTEM. The additional power supply provides the extra power required by the 30W Module.

Note, you can probably run the 30W module off the original power supply but you won’t be able to run it at full power.

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Thank you a lot man, I will buy another power supply. :grinning:

You should have gotten a power adapter board with your laser module. This will allow you to attach the second power supply and control the laser power from your Ortur control board.


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I have bought this is this board right?


Yes, the small PCB with the terminal blocks and power supply connector is the correct board. So, you’re right, all you need is the power supply.

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Thanks for your time Tom , have a nice day. :grin:

Hi perpetsakos,
another to use your neje 30W with ortur you need to order this part at https://www.amazon.com/s?k=neje+laser+module+tester&ref=nb_sb_noss to convert the power for that to work.I just did mine or go to you tube there is a lot tips how to do it. good luck

That’s already included in the kit that he bought.

great watch this youtube that will give you some clarity on how to install it Neje 30w Laser Installation on Ortur Laser Setup - YouTube