Ortur Laser Master 2 - 20w laser not turning off between cuts

Noob here. I’ve had a couple issues lately:

  1. Laser would stop randomly - disconnection - and end up burning a hole
  2. Now Laser will not turn off between cuts. Even when I pause or stop, the laser keeps burning, even if returned home.
  3. I have noticed when I have Lightburn running, my computer becomes incredibly slow. My mouse cursor will disappear every now and then. I have a new Surface Pro so not sure if that is part of the issue?

I have uninstalled and reinstalled everything. Still having the same issue. When I first started testing, I had no issues. Not sure what is going on so any help would be appreciated.

Which model of Surface?

Surface Pro 7
Intel® Corei7 @1.30GHz
64-bit operating system

Running Windows 10

This sounds like a board failure - Ortur had a batch that were bad. If you open a support ticket with them they will diagnose and probably replace. Ortur Customer Support – Ortur Support Ticketing System

Ya got the good stuff, right there :slight_smile:

The i7 shouldn’t be sluggish in any way - comms back from the controller is hogging/slowing things down. You are using a usb mouse, rather than touch?

As Oz says, a faulty controller.

Thanks! Made a Ticket - I was wondering if it was an issue with the board based on some other threads I read

I have the keyboard attachment with the touchpad so no additional USB being used.

seems a issue for support
ortur.tech/support please

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I’m having EXACTLY the same problems. Did you find out if this is a board issue?


Then you should do as the nice folks at Ortur Support are suggesting.

I already submitted a ticket before replying to this thread. I was simply asking if the original poster found out if this was a board issue from Support.